Our 8 week program will give you a step-by-step blueprint to build a profitable digital marketing agency from scratch.

Run a Highly Profitable Digital Marketing Agency With Only a Laptop and Cell Phone

Get High Ticket Clients
Get proven client acquisition strategies that simply work amazingly well and cost virtually nothing.  You don't have to spend a massive budget in advertising to get clients, we'll teach you how with our proven strategies and tactics.
Get Hands On Coaching
You get hands on access to me and my support team to make sure you are positioned to attain results.  Attend group Q&A calls discussing sales and marketing strategies, successful mindset approaches, and get answers to anything that's holding you up.
Get Results Quick
You'll get results quick coupled with long term, sustainable, marketing strategies month after month.  We have students that have gotten clients on day 1 after the initial call with Josh.  Our private Facebook group of students will support your accelerated growth and accountability.  Receive lifetime access to online program with course content.

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Are you interested to find out if my 8 week coaching program can help you build a massively profitable marketing business?

My name is Joshua Harris and my program, Quantum Jump Consulting, trains people to start or scale highly profitable digital marketing agencies.  

I help people like you to find digital marketing professionals that you can partner with and broker their services for a big profit.

Essentially, you sell the digital marketing services for $1500/month or more profit to businesses legitimately in need of your help.  These services you'd sell are Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or others.

We help connect you to talent, build a business, and teach you the most effective, non-sleazy, sales training skills necessary to feel confident and powerful in your phone conversations.

The BEST part is this business model allows you to start a business with nothing other than a cell phone and laptop, and live or travel anywhere you want.


Joshua Harris
Founder, Quantum Jump Consulting

We Find Our Best Students Take Massive Action.  If You Are a Serious Entreprenuer Then Sign Up For a Call Today.


My Program Will Help You To...

Most digital marketers have it all WRONG when it comes to their customer acquisition...

Forget about pretty looks and vanity metrics.  
Your strategy should be focusing on the following:

Growing Leads
Growing Sales
Improving Website Conversion Rates
Making Profit


For years I struggled selling online marketing services, web design, and a whole host of other online services, only to make a minimal living wage.  

After much trial and error, plus investing tens of thousands of dollars in high end training programs and masterminds, I created a formula to attract and deliver results for high ticket marketing clients with immense success.  I now teach these strategies to people like you so you can do it too.

I sold Google AdWords and Facebook Ads for $1500/month profit hiring digital marketing talent and brokering their services.   I picked the home improvement niche and sold them on our marketing services.  My contractors were experienced so the results were great - making it a win/win situation.

In early 2016, I grew my marketing business to more than $36k per month.  I still run my agency and have since started Quantum Jump Consulting, an 8 week program that trains entrepreneurs to build digital marketing agencies like I did.  Now, our program's students are getting such great results that we limit the amount of students we let into the program each month - a good problem to have.  


Let Me Show You How I Moved My Family to Sunny Florida and Earned Enough Money to Get My Dream Car - My Tesla Model S

My business did so well I moved my family from a 1000 sq foot home in Michigan to Sunny Florida.  I even treated myself to a Tesla Model S.

Are you interested in starting or scaling your own digital marketing agency?  I'd like to extend you the offer of scheduling a free, no-obligation, 30 minute strategy session with me.

In this strategy call we'll diagnose your situation and goals and see whether or not you are a good fit for this program.

Disclaimer: this program is TOUGH.  It's like a bootcamp for entrepreneurs who are serious about building the life they want, without limitation, and will relentlessly pursue their goals and aspirations.  If you are not ready for a major change in your life and to execute on the work necessary to achieve your goals then this program is not for you.

If you are up for a challenging program that can take you to new heights then I invite you to click on the "GET FREE STRATEGY SESSION" button below, fill out the form, and pick a time on my calendar that suits your availability.

Check Out This Quick Video About How Boz Built His 6 Figure Business in Our Program And Moved to Maui






We Make Sure You Are Plugged Into The Right Market With The Right Product So You Can Get Results Too

See More Results People Are Getting From This Program - Many Who Started From Scratch!

See Your 8-Week Online Course Timeline

Week 1:  Introduction, Orientation, Housekeeping
Week 2:  Picking Your Niche, Product Overview
Week 3:  Organic Outreach Client Acquisition Strategies
Week 4:  Sales Training
Week 5:  Service Delivery of Results to Your Clients
Week 6:  Building Your Complete Funnel
Week 7:  Facebook Ads
Week 8:  On-Going Support - Mastering Your Strategy


We Have Pages of Client Results, So Here's Some More...

This Program Trains Individuals With Existing Agencies, and People Starting With ZERO Experience - All Online