About Josh Harris

Josh Harris
Founder of Quantum Jump Consulting

Josh Harris is an expert at helping digital marketing consultants to start or scale their digital marketing agency.  The program is called Quantum Jump Consulting and his students typically sell Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or SEO.

 The program teaches individuals like you how to pick the best niche for high ticket marketing services AND become more confident, and powerfully effective, in their sales calls.  The goal is to help you learn to target the right prospective clients, make you unstoppable on the phone, and selling your services for a premium price.  Premium prices help you to truly focus on and produce amazing results for your clients and a positive ROI.

Quantum Jump Consulting is an 8 week program.  It helps starting or existing consultants to grow their business FAST, ideally pushing them beyond their standard comfort zone to a higher level of success than they thought was possible.  

 The great thing about this business model is that it takes very little capital to get started.  You just need a cell phone and a laptop.  It allows people to travel the world or live wherever there is an internet connection.  

 We invite you to schedule a strategy session to see if our program is the right fit for you.

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